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42 tips, tricks, exercises from the pros on how to write a memorable narrative for your publication

42 tips, tricks, exercises from the pros on how to write a memorable narrative for your publication
Advice, Exercises and Readings For Writers By Writers
October 2, 2012

By Rob Melton Narrative is structured in the same way whether it is fiction or nonfiction. It uses all the devices of the narrative. Training young journalists in the art of reporting and interviewing...

Follow these simple techniques to write the perfect caption every time to intrigue, inform readers

A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. (Photo and caption by Sean Heavey)
Readers look at a photograph first, then the caption under the photo. If the caption intrigues them by providing context and background information, readers will look back at the photograph and see something new. It's called the loop, and their next stop is the story.
September 30, 2012

By Rob Melton Notice what you just did? You looked at the featured photo, then you looked under the photo  for the words to help you understand what you just viewed. Then you looked back at the...

Mob reporting at major school events results in outstanding live coverage, application of social media

September 26, 2012

By Rob Melton Last week journalism teacher Tom Gayda's North Central Publications students (70 of them!) participated in their own reporting mob at their homecoming game. He got the idea after someone...

Advisers welcomed back with swag, door prizes, food by NWSP and UO SOJC at UO Turnbull Center in Portland

August 23, 2012

Scholastic journalism advisers and friends gathered at the Portland UO Turnbull Center Wednesday evening to kick off the new year at a party hosted by Northwest Scholastic Press and the UO School of Journalism...

How to develop practical strategies for overcoming writing obstacles

August 23, 2012

In Roy Peter Clark's new book, “Help! For Writers” — with its new mobile app — he came up with something quite different to help writers overcome the obstacles they face: Getting Started; Getting...

Pre-reporting: 6 questions journalists should be able to answer before pitching a story

August 23, 2012

Editor's Note: We love and highly recommend the Poynter Institute's blog For decades, they have been on the forefront of research and thinking using their flagship newspaper The St. Petersburg...

News via our sister association in Colorado shows citizen journalism among scholastic journalists alive and well

July 21, 2012

Friends, I do not have enough information at this moment to say if any high school students were injured in the theater murders (I refuse to call this sort of thing a "tragedy"). When we know anything,...

Kent State ASNE Reynolds Institute to live stream sessions for media advisers July 8-20

July 2, 2012

High school media advisers from around the country will have the opportunity to sit in on sessions from the Kent State ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute this July by watching a live stream...

CTE Journalism teacher reports on new Common Career Technical Core released this week

June 28, 2012

Just last week I attended the National Career Clusters Institute where the Common Career Technical Core was released for the first time (see I believe...

Dow Jones News Fund extends deadline for Teacher of the year applications; announces classroom subscription contest

June 27, 2012

Two important announcements from the Dow Jones News Fund were made today, according to Deputy Director Linda Schockley. First, they have extended the postmark deadline for 2012 Teacher of the Year applications...

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