Fun With Fonts

Know the nuts and bolts of typography to add personality, distinction to your publication, blog or newsletter

By Rob Melton
When you talk about type, beginning with a video such as the one above is a great way to entertain and interest students in the study of typography. Once they are hooked, spending time learning the nuts and bolds is the next step.

Minnesota adviser Laurie Hansen at Stillwater (Minnesota) Area High School offers this typography lesson on fonts — the Font Fashion Show. Here’s how Laurie does it:

I know there’s a few yearbook advisers out there who do the font fashion show. I usually run out of time at the end of the year, but this year I finally made time for a small unit on typography, and then had the staff dress up in their font outfits today.

For those of you that already do this, consider adding food.

I added a twist and had the staff bring food for an end of the year picnic. They had to bring a food item that their chosen font would eat. I moved the desks and set up a “catwalk”, pulled up some catwalk music on Youtube, and it was a hoot. After the catwalk, the staff members had to introduce and discuss the font (showcase, serif, sans serif) give adjectives that describe their font, discuss common or best uses for the font, etc. They also had to introduce their food choice and why it was appropriate for their font.

I invited the principal to be the judge, and he awarded 1st place font queen, second and third place, and 3 “fontastic” honorable mentions. The winner “Papyrus” wore a Greek outfit and brought greek olives, yogurt, pita chips. Second place dressed up as a font called “Happy Housewife” complete with floral dress, apron and confetti cupcakes. My EIC dressed as “Flower Power” and brought some green organic juice. I’m glad I made time for the activity this year. The staff really got into it. A special thanks to Sarah Nichols for the inspiration handout on the Jostens Yearbook Avenue website.

Laurie Hansen, Stillwater Area High School, Stillwater, MN

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