JEA Mentors to lead new adviser sessions at this year’s Fall Press Day

JEA Mentors to lead new adviser sessions at this year's Fall Press Day

Bill Flechtner w, two of Oregon’s three trained JEA Mentors, will present sessions for new advisers at Fall Press Day. Patty Turley is another trained mentor from Oregon.

The JEA Mentor program is funded through grants from the Northwest Scholastic Press, the Oregon Journalism Education Association, the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and sponsorship from the Journalism Education Association (

Oregon is one of a few states to offer a mentoring program to new high school publications advisers. This program is aimed at addressing the attrition rate for journalism/media teachers across the country. In Oregon, nearly half of all first-year journalism/media teachers and/or advisers leave the position by the end of the first year. The mentoring program is a way to help end this crisis.

NWSP is committed to supporting new advisers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Whether you attend press day or not, with the support of your principal you, too, can be mentored throughout the year by one of Oregon’s experienced hands.

Sessions at Fall Press Day will introduce new advisers of all ages to the JEA Mentor program. This year’s sessions include “Organizing the staff,” “JEA mentoring program,” and “Help for advisers.”