Make your own free press passes with this one free website

Rob Melton, Contributing Editor

By Rob Melton
“You do not need to ask permission from anyone to be a journalist,” explains the Periodical Publishers Association. “It is sometimes useful, however, to be able to identify yourself as a journalist when needed.”

To this end, journalistic agencies issue press cards to their reporters, columnists, writers, and photographers. These do not have the legal merits of government-issued cards, and they will not replace event-specific passes; the card only serves as proof of its bearer’s status as a legitimate newsperson according to the issuing organization. As such, card-carriers may be better able to obtain interviews, acquire information from law-enforcement, or gain access to exclusive venues.

If you need a press pass for you or your staff visit this free web page ( to create your own. Type in your staff and newspaper/yearbook/magazine publication/channel/website information on the bottom, and your name and position, and save it to the hard drive. Print each one out — in color, of course! Laminate them or put them in a plastic sleeve attached to a lanyard. How cool is that?!!!

We recommend wearing your press pass on a lanyard or clip-on name page. Over time, people will come to recognize and trust your organization’s official pass.