Who will win State Write-Offs Contests? NWSP member schools must enter by Oct. 12 deadline

Rob Melton, Contributing Editor

State Write-Offs will be held at Fall Press Day on Oct. 24 at University of Oregon in Eugene. Students must be from an NWSP member school to participate. The cost of participating in Write-Offs is included in your annual 2012-13 membership fee.

Students can compete in one of three different on-site contests: News Writing, Opinion Writing, Editorial Cartooning.

In addition there are five email-in categories:  Broadcast Video/Podcast, Sports Photo/Video/Podcast, Feature Photo/Video/Podcast, News Photo/Video/Podcast, and Human Interest Photo/Video/Podcast. Each contest (Sports, Feature, News, Human Interest) has three categories: Still photograph, video, and podcast. Broadcast Video?Podcast has only two.

Write-Off registration is by mail or email attachment. Names of contestants maybe  substituted in categories for which a school is registered. Each adviser listed above will receive an email confirmation at the designated email  address. Contest guidelines and judging forms will be emailed to each school and adviser registered in the Write-Off Contest, and posted on  our web site: www.nwpress.org.

Download the latest Write-Offs Contest Registration Form here: http://www.nwpress.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/WRITE-OFFSNEW.pdf

You may register up to three students per category. See special instructions for email-in contest  entries below. On this form, register only one student per category line. Please print or type all names. To enter multiple students per  category, copy this form. With the electronic version, after filling out the page, save each as a new page and name it <YOUR SCHOOL writeoff  registration page#.pdf> and attach all pages to an email to [email protected]

For email and carry-in contests, each entry consists of three photos,  one video or one podcast produced since Oct 1, 2011. Carry-in Broadcast must be submitted on flash drives in MPEG4, MOV or MP3 format;  and email entries as either links (think YouTube) or attachments in MPEG4, MOV or MP3 format, depending upon size. Email photos must be  submitted as either links or attachments in high quality jpg format. Please reduce the size of your files. Send each contest entry as a separate  attachment or link to [email protected] with the subject line <YOUR SCHOOL email writeoff category#.pdf>. In the body of the email,  provide additional information such as the name of the director, type of production, name of school, show, adviser and additional crew list. Your  work may be featured on our web site. Send us your website link and we’ll post it on our site.