#FreeToTweet your way to a $5,000 scholarship

Rob Melton

Students ages 14-22 have a shot at 22 $5,000 scholarships on Dec. 15, according to John Bowen, chair of the JEA Scholastic Press Rights Commission. All students have to do is tweet to celebrate the First Amendment and the birthday of the Bill of Rights on Dec. 15.
“Support the First Amendment creatively and with enthusiasm!” Bowen said. Also be sure to check out all the instructions before you tweet.
Students must post their entries Dec. 15 via Twitter using #freetotweet, or by email to [email protected].
For information on why this is important as well as a chance at scholarship funds, visit the web page at http://1forall.us/freetotweet/. This information includes how to support the First Amendment and teach it to all in schools.

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It will be a daylong online celebration of First Amendment rights, and high school and college students nationwide can win one of 22 $5,000 scholarships through “Free to Tweet” on Dec. 15, the 220th anniversary of our right to free expression.

Beginning at midnight on Dec. 15, students ages 14 to 22 can tweet their support for the First Amendment with the hash tag #freetotweet, which will enter them in the “Free to Tweet” scholarship competition. Students are encouraged to freely express themselves in their entries, which can be posted on any publicly viewable social media platform, including blogs.

The Free to Tweet contest takes place throughout the day, Dec. 15, 2011, on National Bill of Rights Day. (Read Ken Paulson’s commentary here.)

The First Amendment was born in the 18th century but it’s your ticket to expressing yourself in 21st century ways. It guarantees your right to write, tweet, blog, read, sing and perform. It protects you at school and in church, allowing you to be you.

What’s the point? To help spread the word about the importance of the First Amendment. In a digital world, free speech is more important than ever.

Go to Twitter and use the hashtag #FreeToTweet. It’s really simple. So tweet away, and encourage others to do the same. Read more, and if you’d like a reminder to tweet on Dec. 15, sign up for an e-mail reminder here.