Northwest Scholastic Press

After 35 years of service to Oregon's scholastic media, NWSP bites the dust
Rob Melton July 21, 2020

HISTORY OF SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATIONS IN OREGON In 1912, Eric W. Allen was lured from his position at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to create a journalism department at the University of Oregon (UO). Four years later, the department graduated its first four baccalaureates. It was also named the School of Journalism, with Allen as its first dean. Allen and two full-time faculty taught courses in newswriting, printing, newspaper manufacturing, proofreading, history of journalism and editorial, laws of the press and the psychology of advertising. Allen founded Oregon Scholastic Press Association (OSPA) in 1921 and led the school until his sudden death in 1944. In 1947 Laurence R. Campbell was appointed OSPA’s first Executive Secretary. An excellent online history of the SOJC was created by professor Thomas H. Bivens in 2013. In 1984, the UO School of Journalism discontinued the Oregon Scholastic Press Fall Press Conference.  Carla...

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