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Student Media Olympics

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Make sure your journalism and media students receive the statewide recognition they deserve. It’s time to enter your staff’s best work of the year in 2017. Review your newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, videos, podcasts, and websites for your best journalistic work this year and place your entries in Dropbox by April 17.

What is this contest? Student Media Olympics is a contest of student journalists’ work published since August 1, 2017. Entries in 38 categories include web-based journalism, video-based journalism, audio-based journalism, and print-based journalism. Including news, feature, sports and ­opinion writing, photography, design, advertising, art, single issues, video and podcast.

How much does it cost? NWSP members receive 10 SMO entries with membership, every entry after that is $3 each. Non-members pay $5 per entry.

How many entries may each school submit? Up to three entries per categories. 

Who judges the contest? Journalism professionals, college-level advisers, and award-winning student media advisers who are retired or work in other states.

What feedback is provided? All entries receive critiques listing strengths and areas ­needing improvement. Award certificates for Best of Category, Superior, Excellent or Honorable Mention entries will be mailed to schools by late May. Feedback will be sent to advisers via Dropbox.

Where can I find the results?: All winners are posted on the website. 

Entries must be in Dropbox by April 17, 2018.


Numbers below are Contest Numbers. You will name each of your scanned files with your school name, the contest number, and the matching entry number. You can submit up to three entries per category. See “prepare entries” below for more information on how to name your file. 


N1. Strictly news
N2. In-depth/analysis news: single story
N3. In-depth news package: multiple stories, artwork, graphics, video, audio
N4. Human interest
N5. News feature
N6. Sports news
N7. Sports feature
N8. Sports opinion
N9. Editorial–Staff opinion
N10. Column: single story
N11. Editorial cartoon
N12. Review
N13. Single issue, print
N14. Front page layout
N15. Inside page layout
N16. Double page/in-depth layout

Y1. Theme package (cover, end sheet, title page, opening, dividers, closing, parting page): From the front cover to the back cover, your book should have a unified theme. This category evaluates that continuity. The parting page is the last page of your book.
Y2. Academic spread: Coverage is centered around the courses you take in school. 
Y3. Sports spread: Submit coverage of boys’ or girls’ JV, varsity, and freshman athletic teams. This can also include cheerleaders and the dance team.
Y4. Organization page/spread: Coverage of school clubs or official/unofficial groups.
Y5. People section page/spread: Coverage on senior, junior, sophomore, freshman or faculty pages.
Y6. Non-traditional coverage spread: For schools who do umbrella, chronological, or a blended coverage.
Y7 . Personality profile: Pages or spreads on individual students.
Y8. All coverage device: A bar or mod that is theme related and goes through the entire book. We want to see at least five uses of it.

P1. News photo
P2. Human interest/feature photo
P3. Sports photo
P4. Photo story

A1. Illustration with story
A2. Infographic

(Professional logos okay; no agency slicks or prepared slicks)
AD1. Single ad, student-produced

(Submit web links on the entry form for services such as,, or other hosting services our judges can access with the link.)
B1. News broadcast (submit web link on entry form)
B2. Human interest package (submit web link on entry form)
B3. Sports package (submit web link on entry form)

PC1. News radio/podcast (submit web link on entry form)
PC2. Human interest radio/podcast (submit web link on entry form)
PC3. Sports radio/podcast (submit web link on entry form)

(Submit web link on entry form)
W1. Website

How to enter the 2018 Student Media Olympics


1) NWSP MEMBERSHIP: Sign up for NWSP membership, if you’re not a member already.

2)DOWNLOAD FORMS: Download the Student Media Olympics invoice. Once completed, email the invoice to [email protected]. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the Student Media Olympics entry form spreadsheet. The spreadsheet, along with all entries, will go on Dropbox.

3)PREPARE ENTRIES: Save all entries as a PDF. Remember, you can submit up to three entries per category. 

Name each file with your school name, category number, and corresponding entry number. For example, if you’re from Sheldon High School and entering in Yearbook: academic spread, you will name the file “SHELDONHSY2.1” and your second entry in the same category will be “SHELDONHSY2.2”, and so on.


  • Create a free Dropbox account that holds up to 2GB of space for your submissions *if you are able to download the desktop application when registering, please do so*
  • Name your Dropbox account by school’s name
  • Create a new folder by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner. It’s second from the left.
    1. Name the folder your school’s name
    2. Inside your school’s named folder, create folders for each category you plan to enter. Example: “1.Strictly News” or “18.Front Page Layout”
  • Once you’ve created a folder for each category your school is entering and placed all entries in the folders, you will now share your school’s folder with [email protected]
  • Share your folder with us by clicking the “Sharing” link on the left-hand side of the webpage. It has a rainbow next to the word “sharing.” Once you click that, click on the blue rectangle on the right-hand side that says “New Shared Folder.” Clicking that should bring up a box with the option of creating a new folder to share, or sharing an existing folder. Choose to share an existing folder and click next. Select the folder you’d like to share, and click next again. Add [email protected] to the “invite members to this folder” line, then click
  • You should receive an email once we’ve joined your folder. If you haven’t received an email telling you we joined, invite us again or send us an email.

NOTE: We no longer accept video streams for broadcast entries. Judges find them hard to effectively critique, as they don’t fit the criteria outlined in our rubrics. 

Questions? Call 503-412-3664

Awards to be made

The name on the certificate will be taken from the spreadsheet entry form. 

  • Judges will evaluate entries and award SuperiorExcellent, and Honorable Mention certificates. All entries will receive comments, highlighting strengths and noting suggestions for improvement.
  • Judges will select the best entry from each category to award a Best of Category.
  • All evaluations and certificates will be returned to your school once judging is complete.

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Student Media Olympics