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Anthony D. Whitten
Scholastic Journalism Outreach Coordinator
School of Journalism and Communication
White Stag Building
George S. Turnbull Portland Center
70 NW Couch St., Rm. 366A
Portland OR 97209
[email protected]

Simone Myers
Education Program Assistant
White Stag Building
George S. Turnbull Portland Center
70 NW Couch St., 366A
Portland, OR 97209
[email protected]

The Northwest Scholastic Press Association operates in cooperation with the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, Oregon Journalism Education Association (OJEA) and the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association (ONPA). NWSP is an affiliate of Journalism Education Association.

MISSION: Northwest Scholastic Press provides services to the scholastic journalism community in the Pacific Northwest, including conferences, workshops, contests, critiques, awards and scholarships.

Nonprofit 503(c)(3) and Public Charity 509(a)(2)  IRS Tax ID #93-1168163 

Who are we?


The Northwest Scholastic Press Association (NWSP) partnered with the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) in 2012.

Each year NWSP hosts a variety of events, workshops, contests, scholarships and school visits for middle and high school journalism students.

Anthony Whitten, Scholastic Journalism Outreach Coordinator and NWSP Executive Director: Anthony began his scholastic journalism career as a high school yearbook editor. He then served as Business Manager of Corks & Curls at the University of Virginia for three years. He taught for twelve years and advised The Guardian yearbook and The Watchdog newspaper at Westfield H.S. in Chantilly, Va. for seven years. He also advised the The Stone Observer, a middle school newspaper. In 2013, the Journalism Education Association awarded him its “Rising Star” award.

Simone Myers, SOJC Education Program Assistant: Simone joined Turnbull/SOJC in April 2014 as a Portland Senior Experience (PDXSX) intern for scholastic journalism. That internship blossomed into her current position as education program assistant. She is a 2014 graduate of the University of Oregon with a bachelor of arts in journalism.

What we do


Fall Press Day 2015Fall Press Day
Fall Press Day encompasses a series of workshops, panel discussions and forums aimed at enriching middle and high school journalists. This very special event affords young journalists across Oregon the opportunity to interact with professional journalists and college professors. It is a day filled with instruction, practice, and skill-building. Fall Press Day is NWSP’s largest event, bringing in over 500 students each year.

Student Media Olympics 
Student Media Olympics is an opportunity for high school students to have their work objectively evaluated and rated by media professionals, receive statewide recognition for their work, and recognition for their school’s journalism program.

Entries in 33 categories include web-based journalism, video-based journalism, audio-based journalism, and print-based journalism; including news, feature, sports, opinion, photography, design, advertising, art, single issues, video and podcast.

High School Visits
We travel throughout Oregon to visit high schools to promote NWSP programs and events, teach intermediate journalism skills, and assist in newspaper, yearbook and multimedia programs planning and production.

NWSP co-sponsors three annual awards with the Oregon Journalism Education Association (OJEA):

Mary Hartman Oregon Journalism Teacher of the Year
This award is open to any active journalism teacher and/or publications adviser in an Oregon public or private high school. The award is named for Mary Hartman, a University of Oregon Journalism school faculty member and former director of Oregon Scholastic Press. The winner receives a $500 cash award, paid by an endowment from the Hartman family.

Oregon Rookie Journalism Teacher of the Year
This award is open to any active journalism teacher and/or publications adviser in an Oregon public or private high school with less than two years experience. The winner receives a $250 cash award.

Oregon Student Journalist of the Year
This award is open to any active newspaper, yearbook, or broadcast/radio student at an Oregon public or private high school. The winner of the Oregon competition will automatically be entered to win National Journalist of the Year, sponsored by Journalism Education Association. The winner receives the Alyce Sheetz Memorial Scholarship for $1,000.

JEA/NSPA fall and spring High School Journalism Conventions
The National High School Journalism Convention is a semiannual gathering of high school journalist and advisers co-sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. With typical attendance of more than 4,000 delegates, the JEA/NSPA convention is the largest gathering of student journalists in the country.

Our goal at these conventions is to recruit and promote for the SOJC and the UO, as well as NWSP programs and events.

History of scholastic press organizations in Oregon

NWSP’s Oregon Hall of Fame honors all those who through their work have furthered the cause of scholastic journalism in Oregon and been recognized for their work by Journalism Education Association (JEA), National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA), Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), Quill & Scroll (Q&S) and others. In the process of researching and organizing the Oregon Hall of Fame, we have relied upon information about Oregon high school journalism from the University of Oregon Archives, the Northwest Scholastic Press Archives, the official websites of other scholastic press association organizations, press clippings, plaques, trophies, certificates, and other evidence. We have included links to the online source material where available.

Eric W. Allen founder, 1921
Dr. Laurence R. Campbell 1947-50
Charles T. Duncan* 1950-1966 Dean, UO School of Journalism
Dean Rea 1966-69 professor, UO School of Journalism
Alyce Rogers Sheetz* 1969-1975 began tradition of big fall high school press day
Mary Hartman 1975-1984
*Information from the University of Oregon Archives

Carla Harris 1984-1996 OSU
Frank Ragulsky 1996-2010 OSU
Rob Melton 2011-2012 UO
Karla Kennedy 2012-2015 UO
*Information from the Northwest Scholastic Press Archives


In 1912, Eric W. Allen was lured from his position at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to create a journalism department at the University of Oregon (UO). Four years later, the department graduated its first four baccalaureates. It was also named the School of Journalism, with Allen as its first dean. Allen and two full-time faculty taught courses in newswriting, printing, newspaper manufacturing, proofreading, history of journalism and editorial, laws of the press and the psychology of advertising. Allen founded Oregon Scholastic Press Association (OSPA) in 1921 and led the school until his sudden death in 1944. In 1947 Laurence R. Campbell was appointed OSPA’s first Executive Secretary. An excellent online history of the SOJC was created by professor Thomas H. Bivens in 2013.

Carla Harris, a journalism professor at Oregon State University (OSU), was the first Director of Northwest Scholastic Press (NWSP) in 1984, when Oregon journalism teachers moved the state’s high school press conference to OSU after the UO School of Journalism discontinued the Oregon Scholastic Press Fall Press Conference. Under Harris’s leadership, the organization was originally housed in the Journalism Department at Oregon State University.

After the university closed the OSU Journalism Department in 1988, NWSP moved to Portland with Director Harris. The High School Press Day continued at Oregon State University, and NWSP was incorporated as a nonprofit and public charity in 1989 by Oregon State University’s Journalism Department and Department of Student Media.

After her retirement, NWSP moved to the Department of Student Media, with Student Media Director Frank Ragulsky acting as its director. After Ragulsky retired in 2010, the OSU Department of Student media discontinued its association with NWSP after High School Press Day in fall 2010.

Under NWSP Board Chair Mike Forrester’s leadership, retired journalism teacher Rob Melton was asked to serve as NWSP’s executive director from 2011-2012. The High School Press Day was relocated to Western Oregon University in October 2011, attracting more than 500 participants. The WordPress blog hosted by School Newspapers Online was created in 2011 at members’ request. The latest news and announcements are first posted on this website.

In the meantime, UO School of Journalism Dean Tim Gleason, a member of the NWSP Board of Directors, agreed to sponsor NWSP and to move it to the Journalism School’s third floor space at the White Stag Building George S. Turnbull Center in downtown Portland.  The School of Journalism then began a nation-wide search for a Scholastic Journalism Outreach Coordinator who would serve as NWSP Executive Director. Dr. Karla Kennedy served as Executive Director from 2012-2015. Anthony Whitten became NWSP executive director when he was hired  as the new Scholastic Journalism Outreach Coordinator in July 2016.

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