Nominate deserving advisers and students for awards!


Northwest Scholastic Press and the Oregon Journalism Association are currently accepting applications for Teacher of the Year, Rookie Adviser of the Year, and Student Journalist of the Year. 

Nominations are accepted from principals, professional journalists, fellow teachers/advisers, or students. Individuals may also self-nominate

All applications are due by Thursday, February 15, 2018 to J.D. McIntire, JEA State Director.

Mail Teacher/Rookie of the Year applications to
J.D. McIntire
13115 SW Park Way, Portland, OR 97225. 

Email Student Journalist of the Year applications to J.D. McIntire at [email protected]

Teacher/Rookie of the Year:

  • -Teacher of the Year is open to any active journalism, publications or media adviser in an Oregon public or private high school. The winner receives a $500 cash prize which is paid by an endowment from the Hartman family.
  • -Rookie Adviser of the Year is open to any active journalism, publications or media adviser in an Oregon public or private high school with less than two years experience. The winner receives a $250 cash prize from Northwest Scholastic Press.

To nominate an adviser for teacher or rookie of the year, you need to submit three things:

  1. Media Samples. Please submit two issues of the school newspaper, one copy of the most recent yearbook, a tape or DVD of two broadcasts or a reference to an online edition.
  2. Letters of Recommendation. Two to five letters of recommendation from teachers, administrators, students, local professionals or community members who know the nominee’s work.
  3. Completed nomination form. The individual nomination form can be used for either the teacher or rookie of the year. Clicking ‘nominate an adviser’ will take you to the form.


Student Journalist of the Year:

  • -Be a student of an OJEA and JEA member school
  • -Have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • -Have participated in student media for at least two years
  • -Be a graduating senior
  • -Submit a portfolio, received by the State Director by February 15th. 

How to submit:
The entry for JOY has two parts

ONE – the application. The JOY application must be emailed as a single PDF to the state director by midnight on February 15th. You may submit by sharing the file through Dropbox if it’s too large to send over email. Note: this is separate from the online portfolio. 

  1. The application form for the Oregon JOY contest. Clicking ‘nominate a student’ will take you to the form.
  2. An official high school transcript.
  3. An action photo of the applicant involved in some aspect of student media and an extended caption written for the photo. By submitting the photo, you are giving OJEA permission to use it when the award is announced.
  4. Three letters of recommendation from people who can speak to your journalism experience.
  5. A personal resume.
  6. A self-analytical essay about your journalistic life, no longer than two pages in length.

TWO – the online portfolio. 
Candidates need to create an online portfolio of their work that can be accessed by URL. The Oregon JOY competition follows the national JEA portfolio requirements. Go to for specific portfolio requirements.

All application forms can be found on

Email J.D. McIntire at [email protected] if you have any questions.