Greg Cantwell named 2014 Journalism Teacher Of Year

Mary Hartman Oregon Journalism Teacher of the Year recipient announced

Cantwell receives prestigious honor

Greg Cantwell of Sheldon High School was named the 2014 Journalism Teacher Of the Year. With boosting letters of support from Sheldon High School’s principal, Dr. Robert Bolden, as well as letters from other teaching staff and parents, Mr. Cantwell is without a doubt the right teacher for the award.

“Mr. Cantwell inspires students to share their unique voice and encourages them to pursue careers in the fields of journalism and writing at the collegiate level,” Dr. Robert Bolden wrote in his letter of recommendation. “Many students come back to visit him each year, which is a testament of his relationship with his students and the impact he has had on their lives.”

For 11 years Cantwell advised The Talisman, the Sheldon High School newspaper, which has been an on-going tradition for nearly 50 years.

Cantwell is praised for his ability to attract a diverse audience of student staff members to the paper, including; musicians, athletes, actors and students with other obligations to various clubs and activities across Sheldon High School’s campus.

“Mr. Cantwell is the perfect guide on the side, letting his young staff make decisions while providing solid support,” wrote David and Sherry Beaver, parents of one of Cantwell’s rising students. “He works tirelessly to ensure the paper is out on time and as professional as it can be.”

The Talisman is an award winning newspaper and has brought home sever accolades from NWSP Fall Press Days and the Student Media Olympics.

“Receiving the Mary Hartman Oregon Journalism Teacher of the Year award for 2014 is an honor I share with the entire Sheldon community,” said Cantwell.

“It is an award for the administrators who have supported the publication through both inevitable controversy and tough economic times, but most of all, it is for all the students who have had the courage to give their words to the public to educate, inform and entertain.”

NOTE: Applications for the 2015 Mary Hartman Oregon Journalism Teacher of the Year are available from any Oregon Journalism Education Association member or Journalism Educators of America District Representative, J.D. McIntire at Sandy High School.